The services offered by are very specific to business owners that are looking for working capital to grow or start a business. Our approach to helping you get funding is done by three steps: Evaluate, Educate and Initiate. Our typical client is the one who is trying to achieve their dream in building a business to support their family, create a primary income or secondary income in these hard times. Even though the news says that the economy is getting better people are still having trouble meeting the most basic needs. Whether you are starting a business or trying to grow your existing business we applaud you for your efforts and are here every step of the way to see you succeed.

This first step to getting the end result of funding is to have a filed corporation. Now this can be something that you have filed on your own or an aged corporation that you have purchased. Many people have a misconception that buying an aged corporation is illegal, however it is not. An aged corporation is simply an unused entity that a person can take over to operate their business with. Once the corporation is in place with a proper business address and tax identification number it’s time to start building business credit… and that’s where Business comes in!

We will build your business credit with Equifax Business within 3 weeks from start to finish. The business credit that we build for you will give your corporation history, verify the business start date, show lenders that your business is capable of maintaining its credit obligations and qualify you for the funding you are looking for. The business credit that we built will be 100% appropriate for your company not just some useless trade lines that you cannot use. Our years of experience has taught us which industries should have more credit, which should have less, what lenders like to see, we know the blend between retail and financial credit that a business needs and the percentages that will get your qualified.

Once your business credit is done being built we will want to tighten up your file in order to avoid any lender objections or pitfalls. We want to identify any red flags the lender may see and fix those errors before submitting any applications. Such simple things like not having a proper website, not being listed on business directories or addresses not matching can mean an automatic decline. We will go through your business and help you address and remedy the small little details that lenders look for when reviewing and application for funding. If for some reason there are items that you are missing, we have trusted resources that can help you.

One big step that many people miss is a Foreign Registration Filing. This filing needs to be done when the corporation you are operating is not in the state you reside in. If this is not done, the simple fact is that the lender is going to wonder “how do you run a business that is not even in your state?” Unless you are a public/very large company the lender is going to view this as non compliant for small business lending and issue a decline.

When reviewing and application for a business the very first thing a lender will do is Google the company name. If nothing comes up then the lender will issue an auto decline for the simple reason that they could not find the company. The underwriter at the lender will not put an additional effort into your file if they cannot easily find the information that they are looking for, they will simply decline and move to the next. In order to avoid this we need to display your company in the best possible light and make the information they are looking for very easy to find. Your business will need to be listed on multiple business listing directories. These websites are designed to help market your company and allow people to find you easier based on location, type of business, and expertise.

Websites are a very common place where we see people mistakes. A good business and one that a lender wants to lend money to will have put serious effort into a proper websites. A proper website is one that has legitimate, good quality content that clearly explains the business. It should be multiple pages and be designed in a way that fits the business. Any website that looks like a template or something that was thrown together last minute will 100% raise a red flag. Once a red flag is raised the lender will start to question you about assets, income, financials, business transactions, customer payment history, account receivable, account payables, etc. We definitely want to avoid this from happening and has the experience and staff to help make the funding happen!

Some of the additional services that we are able to assist you with would be credit repair, lender compliant websites, business directory listings, phone systems, business credit, aged corporations, and foreign registration filings. Please contact us for pricing and time frames for each of these services. Many of the listed services are done in-house by trained professionals with years of experience that will not let you down.

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